Benefits forCentral Piedmont Community College

Enrollment Assistance - MYCOLLEGE SYSTEM


(Flexible Spending Accounts, Dental, Vision, Group Term Life)


Complete the following steps to begin the online enrollment process.

  1. Go to
  2. Click Log In
  3. Enter your CPCC Login and Password
  4. Click Sign In
  5. Click Additional Employee Services
  6. Click Benefit Enrollment
  7. Review your current benefits, then Click Continue
  8. If after you have reviewed your benefits and you determine that no changes are necessary, then click continue.
  9. If you are making changes, check each benefit you will be change/enroll, then click Continue
  10. Check the box of the coverage level you want to continue, then Click continue
  11. Click Continue on both screens
  12. Check which option applies
  13. Once all enrollments/changes have been made, please review enrollment confirmation
  14. Please note: The names of the dependents/beneficiary(ies) should appear
  15. Check Ready to sign button and Electronic Signature for Final Enrollment box
  16. Click Submit
  17. Under Employee Profile: Click Benefit Enrollment
  18. Right click anywhere on the page, Click Print to print your current and elected benefits
  19. Click Continue
  20. Log Out