Benefits forHalifax Community College


For the purpose of evaluating my application(s) for insurance submitted during the current enrollment and eligibility for benefits under any insurance issued including checking for and resolving any issues that may arise regarding incomplete or incorrect information on my application(s), I hereby authorize the disclosure of the following information about me and, if applicable, my dependents, from the sources listed below to Colonial Life & Accident Insurance Company (Colonial) and its duly authorized representatives.

Health information may be disclosed by any health care provider or institution, health plan or health care clearinghouse that has any records or knowledge about me including prescription drug database or pharmacy benefit manager, or ambulance or other medical transport service. Health information may also be disclosed by any insurance company, Medicare or Medicaid agencies or the Medical Information Bureau (MIB). Health information includes my entire medical record, but does not include psychotherapy notes. Non-health information including earnings or employment history deemed appropriate by Colonial to evaluate my application may be disclosed by any person or organization that has these records about me, including my employer, employer representative and compensation sources, insurance company, financial institution or governmental entities including departments of public safety and motor vehicle departments.

Any information Colonial obtains pursuant to this authorization will be used for the purpose of evaluating my application(s) for insurance or eligibility for benefits. Some information obtained may not be protected by certain federal regulations governing the privacy of health information, but the information is protected by state privacy laws and other applicable laws. Colonial will not disclose the information unless permitted or required by those laws.

This authorization is valid for two (2) years from its execution and a copy is as valid as the original. A copy will be included with my contract(s) and I or my authorized representative may request access to this information. This authorization may be revoked by me or my authorized representative at any time except to the extent Colonial has relied on the authorization prior to notice of revocation or has a legal right to contest coverage under the contract(s) or the contract itself. If revoked, Colonial may not be able to evaluate my application(s) for insurance or eligibility for benefits as necessary to issue my contract(s). I may revoke this authorization by sending written notice to: Colonial Life & Accident Insurance Company, Underwriting Department, P.O. Box 1365, Columbia, SC 29202.

You may refuse to approve this information; however, Colonial may not be able to issue your coverage. I am the individual to whom this authorization applies or that person’s legal Guardian, Power of Attorney Designee, or Conservator.

Download and print a copy of the Authorization for Colonial Life & Accident Insurance Company form.