Services: Benefit Consulting

Benefit Consulting

Our process starts with a complete look at where your company has been, where it is today and where it wants to go tomorrow. Our experts will analyze claims data, and plan designs from your existing carriers along with industry performance data. While we assemble this data, we will be asking about your corporate goals, expectations and budget requirements. We’ll conduct employee surveys and analyze your demographics. From financial objectives to employee perceptions, we want to understand every aspect of your business where benefits are involved.

After taking a hard look at your past performance, present situation and future objectives, we will create a strategic benefit plan. We will share our industry trend projections with you and discuss how to best prepare today for changes that will affect your plans in the future.


Pierce Group Benefits has the ability to evaluate numerous plan options to find the best benefits for your organization.  By maintaining strong relationships with numerous carriers we are able to provide solid, creative, cost effective proposals that meet your needs, not ours.

Yearly rate shopping is reactive – not proactive – and does little to impact real savings and build long-term value. Pierce Group Benefits works with our clients to create a plan that can produce immediate savings by eliminating waste and redundancies while building obtainable, long-term solutions year after year.

Claims Management

Our sophisticated analytics helps us dig deep into your real claims data, to isolate specific cost drivers that we can address with targeted solutions to help manage high health care costs. Altering plan design is one strategic solution we can implement after analyzing your data, but we take it one step further. With our plan modeler, we let you “test drive” potential changes, so you can see the impact of a change—before making any decisions. We can show you how your group’s health care claims compare to industry and regional norms, to identify cost and utilization disparities.

Data mining can provide plan sponsors insight into what is driving plans costs and through our plan management techniques, make effective changes through wellness or educational campaigns.   This is an area where we excel.  This process saves more money than any other strategy around plan management.