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Employee Assistance Program (EAP)


Your ComPsych GuidanceResources program through EAPBusiness Class offers someone to talk to and resources to consult whenever and wherever you need them.

No-cost, Confidential Solutions to Life’s Challenges

Confidential Emotional Support

Our highly trained clinicians will listen to your concerns and help you or your family members with any issues, including:

– Anxiety, depression, stress

– Grief, loss and life adjustments

– Relationship/marital conflicts

Work-Life Solutions

Our specialists provide qualified referrals and resources for just about anything on your to-do list, such as:

– Finding child and elder care

– Hiring movers or home repair contractors

– Planning events, locating pet care

Legal Guidance

Talk to our attorneys for practical assistance with your most pressing legal issues, including:

– Divorce, adoption, family law, wills, trusts and more

Need representation? Get a free 30-minute consultation and a 25% reduction in fees.

Financial Resources

Our financial experts can assist with a wide range of issues.

– Retirement, taxes, mortgages, budgeting and more

For additional guidance, we can refer you to a local financial professional and arrange to reimburse you for the cost of an initial one-hour in-person consult.

Online Support GuidanceResources

Online is your 24/7 link to vital information, tools and support. Log on for:

– Articles, podcasts, videos, slideshows

– On-demand trainings

– “Ask the Expert” personal responses to your questions

Help for New Parents 

ParentGuidance supports you through the process of becoming a biological or adoptive parent, including:

– Preparing for the baby emotionally and financially

– Finding child care

– Planning for back-to-work and other issues

Free Online Will Preparation

EstateGuidance lets you quickly and easily create a will online.

– Specify your wishes for your property

– Provide funeral and burial instructions

– Choose a guardian for your children

Contact EAPBusiness Class Anytime

Our toll-free number gives you direct, 24/7 access to a GuidanceConsultant, who will answer your questions and, if needed, refer you to a counselor or other resources. Or, login online to connect directly with a GuidanceConsultant or to consult articles, podcasts, videos and other helpful tools and resources.

Toll-Free: 877.595.5281 or TTY: 800.697.0353   |  Web ID: EAPBusiness  |  Download the App: Apple Store, Google Play

What happens when I call for counseling support?

When you call, you will speak with a GuidanceConsultant, a master’s- or PhD-level counselor will collect some general information about you and will talk with you about your needs. The GuidanceConsultant will provide the name of a counselor who can assist you. You will receive counseling through the EAP up to 3 sessions per issue, per person, per calendar year. You can then set up an appointment to speak with the counselor over the phone or schedule a face-to-face visit.

What counseling services does the EAP provide?

The EAP provides free short-term counseling with counselors in your area who can help you with your emotional concerns.

If the counselor determines that your issues can be resolved with short-term counseling, you will receive counseling through the EAP. However, if it is determined that the problem cannot be resolved in short-term counseling through the EAP and you require longer-term treatment, you will be referred to a specialist early on and your insurance coverage will be activated.