Benefits forHalifax County Schools (NC)

Enrollment Assistance - BenSelect


– If you are a new employee and unable to log into the online system, please speak with the Benefits Representative assigned to your location, or contact Human Resources.

– If you are an existing employee and unable to log into the online system, please contact Pierce Group Benefits at 800-387-5955 between 8:30am and 5:00pm, or speak with the Benefits Representative assigned to your location.


1. Go to:
– Enter your User Name: Social Security Number with or without dashes (ex. 123-45-6789 or 123456789)
– Enter your PIN: Last 4 numbers of your Social Security Number followed by last 2 numbers of your Date of Birth year (ex. 678970)
Your password must have: 1 lowercase letter, 1 uppercase letter, 1 number, and 8 characters minimum.
Your password cannot include: first name, last name, spaces, special characters (such as ! $ % &), or User ID.

2. The screen prompts you to create a NEW PIN [__________].

3. Choose a security question and enter answer [__________].

4. Confirm (or enter) an email address.

5. Click on ‘Save New PIN’ to continue to the enrollment welcome screen.

6. From the welcome screen click “Next”.

7. The screen shows ‘Personal Information’. Verify that the information is correct and enter the additional required information (marital status, work phone, e-mail address). Click ‘Next’.

8. The screen allows you to add family members. It is only necessary to enter family member information if adding or including family members in your coverage. Click ‘Next’.

9. The screen shows ‘Benefit Summary’. Review your current benefits and make changes/selections for the upcoming plan year.

10. Click ‘Sign & Submit’ once you have decided which benefits to enroll in.

11. Review your coverage. If any items are ‘Pending’, you will need to decide whether to enroll or decline this benefit.

12. Click ‘Next’ to review and electronically sign the authorization for your benefit elections.

13. Review the confirmation, then if you are satisfied with your elections, enter your PIN and click ‘Sign Form’.

14. Click ‘Download & Print’ to print a copy of your elections, or download and save the document. Please do not forget this important step!

15. Click ‘Log Out’.