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Flexible Spending Account (FSA)

Don’t lose the chance to put $800 back into your pocket this year!

Participating in a healthcare flexible spending account (FSA) is like receiving a 30% discount from your medical providers.

How does a healthcare FSA work?

A healthcare FSA is a flexible spending account that allows you to set aside pre-tax dollars for eligible medical, dental, and vision expenses for you and your dependents, even if they are not covered under your primary health plan.

You choose an annual election amount. At the beginning of the plan year, your account is pre-funded and your full contribution is immediately available for use. Your election amount is then deducted from your paychecks in equal installments throughout the year.

Why should I enroll in a healthcare FSA?

Almost everyone has some level of predictable and non-reimbursable medical needs.

If you expect to incur medical expenses that won’t be reimbursed by another plan, you’ll want to take advantage of the savings this plan offers. Money contributed to a healthcare FSA is free from federal and most state taxes and remains tax-free when it is spent on eligible expenses. On average, participants enjoy a 30% tax savings on their annual contribution. This means you could be saving up to $800 per year on healthcare expenses!

How do I use my FSA to pay for healthcare expenses?

You can use your Flex Facts debit card to pay your providers for eligible healthcare expenses, or pay with your personal funds and submit a claim for reimbursement.

Qualifying Expenses

What qualifies?

Healthcare FSA funds can cover costs for:

– Copays, deductible payments, coinsurance

– Doctor office visits, exams, lab work, x-rays

– Hospital charges y Prescription drugs

– Dental exams, x-rays, fillings, crowns, orthodontia

– Vision exams, frames, contact lenses, contact lens solution, laser vision correction

– Physical therapy y Chiropractic care

– Medical supplies and first aid kits

– Over-the-counter medications

What doesn’t qualify?

Certain expenses are not eligible, for instance:

– Expenses incurred in a prior plan year

– Cosmetic procedures or surgery

– Dental products for general health

– Hygiene products

– Insurance premiums

– Late payment fees charged by healthcare providers

For a full list of eligible expenses, go to

Online & Mobile Access

Get instant access to your account with the Flex Facts Portal and the Flex Facts Mobile App.

– View your account balance and transaction history

– Submit and view claims

– Upload and store receipts

– View important alerts and communications

– Sign up for direct deposit

– Sign up for text message alerts

Register for the Flex Facts Participant Portal at Download the Flex Facts Mobile App on the App Store or Google Play Store.

Helpful Hints

– Your full election amount is available on the first day of the plan year, which means you’ll have access to the money you need, when you need it.

– You can’t change your election amount during the plan year, unless you experience a change in status or qualifying event.

– Save your receipts when you spend your healthcare FSA dollars. You may need itemized invoices to verify the eligibility of expenses or for reimbursement requests.

– If your employment terminates before the end of the plan year, your account will terminate unless you are eligible for, and elect, COBRA coverage.

– Any unused funds that remain in your account at the end of the plan year will be forfeited. Plan care-fully and use all the money in your healthcare FSA by the end of the plan year.

– You cannot contribute to an FSA and HSA within the same plan year.

– As a married couple, one spouse cannot be enrolled in an FSA at the same time the other is contributing to an HSA.