A Guide to Shopping with Your HSA

If you have a high-deductible health plan, a health savings accounts (HSA) offers a unique way to save for medical expenses with tax-free dollars. Understanding what you can purchase with your HSA funds is key to maximizing its benefits.

Understanding HSA Eligibility

IRS guidelines outline eligible expenses, including prescription medications, medical supplies, doctor’s visits, dental and vision care, mental health services, alternative treatments, and long-term care. It is important to ensure your purchases fall within these categories.

Navigating the HSA Shopping Experience:

To make the most of your HSA funds:

  • Confirm that items or services are eligible for HSA reimbursement before purchasing.
  • If you pay for any products or services that are approved by your HSA, you can reimburse yourself by using your HSA debit card to withdraw money from an ATM, write HSA checks, or transfer HSA funds through the online members portal. It is important to keep your HSA receipts in case of an audit.
  • Shop for the best deals to stretch your HSA dollars further.
  • If applicable, use a limited purpose flexible spending account or dependent care reimbursement account to cover items not eligible under your HSA.

Common HSA Eligible Products and Services:

  • Both over the counter and prescription drugs are eligible expenses.
  • Bandages, first aid kits, and diagnostic devices are among the covered medical supplies.
  • Co-pays, deductibles, and other out-of-pocket expenses for medical services qualify.
  • Routine vision check-ups, glasses, contacts, and dental procedures are eligible.
  • Therapy sessions and psychiatric care are covered.
  • Acupuncture and chiropractic care may be reimbursed.

Shopping with your HSA enables you to manage healthcare expenses effectively. By understanding eligibility and leveraging everyday eligible items and services, you can make the most of your HSA and maintain your health and financial well-being. Remember to keep records and seek advice to optimize your HSA benefits.

Partnering with Pierce Group Benefits

Pierce Group Benefits partners with the HSA Store® to provide savings to health savings account (HSA) holders through PGB’s discount code. Our goal is to help our client’s employees manage and use their funds, save on health and wellness products, maximize long-term health savings, and help ease the financial burden of medical expense. Through our partnership, we’re also here to help answer the many questions that come along with having a health savings account. For more information on HSAs and to foster a culture of wellness within your organization, speak with your Pierce Group Benefits Account Manager or get in touch with a PGB Representative at