The Role of Benefits Counselors as Employee Advocates

When it comes to employee benefits, making informed decisions can be a complex and overwhelming process for many individuals. To alleviate the confusion and ensure that employees have access to the best possible benefits, Pierce Group Benefits (PGB) has benefits counselors who act as advocates for the client’s employees. These professionals are dedicated to guiding employees through the open enrollment process. They provide personalized assistance that helps individuals make informed decisions based on their unique needs and circumstances.

Group Briefings and Individual Enrollment Sessions

During open enrollment, benefits counselors from PGB conduct on-site or virtual visits to meet with employees, providing a more hands-on and personalized experience. These visits involve two key components: group briefings and individual enrollment sessions. In the group briefings, benefits counselors educate all employees about the different components of their benefits package, explaining the features, costs, and potential savings associated with each option. The briefing fosters a better understanding of the benefits, empowering employees to take a proactive approach in reviewing their options and optimizing the value they receive from their benefits package. During the individual enrollment sessions, each employee gets a one-on-one interaction with a benefits counselor where they review the available benefits options and assist with enrolling in the benefits that best align with the employee’s coverage needs.

Benefits for Employees and Employers

Benefits counselors bring numerous advantages for both employees and employers alike. For employees, benefits counselors ensure informed decision-making through detailed explanations and personalized service, leading to increased engagement and improved utilization. For employers, benefits counselors demonstrate a commitment to employee well-being, enhancing job satisfaction and loyalty while also reducing administrative burden as they help answer questions, perform enrollments, and identify and solve payroll and billing errors.

Partnering with Pierce Group Benefits

Recognizing the increasing importance of offering a comprehensive benefits package, organizations are encouraged to explore ways to emphasize their offerings, particularly as more employers highlight employee benefits to entice skilled talent. If you need guidance in developing or enhancing your employee benefits program, we recommend reaching out to your Pierce Group Benefits Account Manager or getting in touch with a PGB Representative at