Benefits forAnderson 1 & 2 Career and Technology Center

Overview of Benefits

Pre-Tax Benefits

Cancer Benefits: Colonial Life

Accident BenefitsColonial Life

Medical Bridge BenefitsColonial Life


Post-Tax Benefits

Short-Term Disability BenefitsColonial Life

Critical Illness BenefitsColonial Life

Whole Life InsuranceColonial Life


Employer-Paid Benefits

Student Loan Assistance Program: GradFin


Please note your insurance products will remain in effect unless you speak with a representative to change them.


Enrollment Period: January 10, 2024 – January 19, 2024

Effective Dates: February 1, 2024 – January 31, 2025



– Employees must work 30 hours or more per week.


When do my benefits start? The plan year for Colonial Insurance products lasts from February 1, 2024 through January 31, 2025.

When do my deductions start? Deductions for Colonial Insurance products will begin February 2024.

Why have my Cancer, Accident, or Medical Bridge benefits not started yet? The Colonial Cancer plan and the Health Screening Rider on the Colonial Accident and Colonial Medical Bridge plan have a 30-day waiting period for new enrollees. Coverage, therefore, will not begin until March 2, 2024.

I want to sign my family up for benefits as well, what information will I need? If signing up for any coverage on your spouse and/or children, please have their dates of birth and social security numbers available when speaking with the Benefits Representative.

What does Pre-Tax vs. Post-Tax Change? Pre-Tax benefits take funds directly from your paycheck to cover benefits before going through State and Federal taxing process. Post-Tax collects funds for benefits after taxes have been taken out. Please be aware there are certain coverages that may be subject to federal and state tax when premium is paid by pretax deduction or employee contribution.

– Can I sign up for PEBA Benefits as well? No, Pierce Group Representatives are not authorized to assist employees with PEBA enrollment or make enrollment elections on an employee’s behalf. PEBA information is included in this guide for informational purposes only. Please see the following page for ways to access your benefits and enrollment information.

Can I change my benefit elections outside of the enrollment period? Elections made during this enrollment period CANNOT BE CHANGED AFTER THE ENROLLMENT PERIOD unless there is a family status change, otherwise known as a qualifying life event (QLE), as defined by the Internal Revenue Code. Examples of a QLE can be found here.

I have a pre-existing condition. Will I still be covered? Some policies may include a pre-existing condition clause. Please read your policy carefully for full details.