Benefits forBuena Vista City Public Schools (VA)

Benefits Plan Overview

Pre-Tax Benefits

Cancer Benefits: Colonial Life

Accident Benefits: Colonial Life

Medical Bridge Benefits: Colonial Life


Post-Tax Benefits

Disability Benefits: Colonial Life

Critical Care Benefits: Colonial Life

Life Insurance: Colonial Life

– Term Life Insurance

– Whole Life Insurance


Please note insurance products will remain in effect unless you speak with a representative to change them. 


Enrollment Period: JUNE 4, 2021

Effective Dates: JULY 1, 2021 – JUNE 30, 2022



– Part-Time Employees: An employee working in their primary job less than 180 days or less than six (6) hours per day or less than thirty hours per week or who is restricted to temporary or interim employment is considered part-time. Part-time employees are not eligible for benefits provided by the school board unless otherwise specified in policy.

– Full-Time Employees: Full-time employees are employed for a minimum of thirty hours per week in their primary positions – over the course of a year. Full-time employees are eligible for all benefits provided by the school board.


– The plan year for Colonial Insurance products lasts from July 1, 2021 through June 30, 2022.

– Deductions for benefits:

12-pay and 24-pay employees: Deductions will begin July 2021 for Colonial Insurance products.

10-pay and 20-pay employees: Deductions will begin September 2021 for Colonial Insurance products.

– If signing up for any coverage on your spouse and/or children, please have their dates of birth and social security numbers available when speaking with the Benefits Representative.

– Elections made during this enrollment period CANNOT BE CHANGED AFTER THE ENROLLMENT PERIOD. Please speak with your Plan Administrator for more information.

– The Health Screening Rider on the Colonial Medical Bridge plan has a 30-day waiting period for new enrollees. Coverage, therefore, will not begin until July 31, 2021.

Additionally, some policies may include a pre-existing condition clause. Please read your policy carefully for full details.

– Please be aware there are certain coverages that may be subject to federal and state tax when premium is paid by pretax deduction or employee contribution.