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Student Loan Assistance Program

Put student debt behind you so that you can focus on what’s ahead!

Gradfin helps you find the best strategies to reduce your student loan debt by building and managing a program that addresses your specific needs. With access to exclusive resources and tools, Gradfin is able to assist with everything from loan forgiveness programs, PSLF application and management, consolidation, and refinancing, so you can finally understand and plan for the next chapter of your life beyond student loans.

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PSLF Membership

– GradFin’s Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) Membership Program is designed to help borrowers benefit from tax-free student loan forgiveness.

– Key components of the PSLF Membership include: personalized compliance plan, annual review, review of eligibility for the new PSLF Temporary Waiver, and a secure online portal for document storage and processing certification forms.

– If payments are not properly counted, GradFin will administer an appeals process with the Department of Education on the member’s behalf.

Financial Education

– GradFin consults individually with borrowers to educate them on their student loans.

– GradFin simplifies the complex issue of student loans with our knowledge of all repayment, PSLF programs and refinancing options in the market today.

Expert Loan Analysis

– GradFin experts analyze each borrower’s unique loan portfolio and provide options for reducing and managing student loans.

– GradFin looks at each loan individually to determine which loans are eligible for forgiveness programs, which ones need to be reviewed for refinance and best payoff strategies for the remaining loans.


– Borrowers can choose from a variety of fixed and variable loan terms between 5 and 20 years.

– With GradFin services, borrowers have been able to save an average of $110k over the term of their loans.1

– GradFin uses a variety of lenders to refinance your student loans at the lowest rate.

1GradFin members that met the requirement for PSLF qualified for an average of $110,000 in student loan forgiveness as of 4/21/23.
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