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Dependent Care Account (DCA)

Set aside tax-free money for daycare and dependent care services.

Use the below information to determine if a Dependent Care Account (DCA) is right for you and how to best take advantage of a DCA account.

How It Works

When you enroll in a Dependent Care Account (DCA) you get to experience tax savings on expenses like daycare, elderly care, summer day camp, preschool, and other services that allow you to work full time.

The Value & Perks

– Save On Eligible Expenses: You can use a DCA to pay for qualifying expenses such as daycare, summer day care, elder care, before and after school programs, and pre-school.

– Keep More Money: The funds are taken out of your paycheck “pre-tax” (meaning they are subtracted from your gross earnings before taxes) throughout the course of the year. Let’s say you earn $40,000 a year and contribute $1,500 to an DCA; so, only $38,500 of your income gets taxed. That means you are increasing your take-home pay simply by participating!

– Easy Spending and Account Management: You will receive an Ameriflex Debit Mastercard linked to their DCA. They can use their card for eligible purchases everywhere Mastercard is accepted. Account information can be securely accessed 24/7 online and through the mobile app.

Eligible DCA Expenses

The IRS determines what expenses are eligible under a DCA. Here are some examples of common eligible expenses:

– Daycare or elder care

– Before-school and after-school care

– Preschool and nursery school

– Private sitter

– Summer day camp

– Nanny service

For a full list of eligible expenses, go to