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Health Savings Accounts (HSA)

You made a great decision by enrolling in a health savings account (HSA)! Now that you’ve gotten the difficult decisions out of the way, use this packet to learn how to best take advantage of your account. Let’s get started!



Your HSA is like a personal savings account for medical expenses for you, your spouse, or tax dependent(s). By simply participating in an HSA, you get to experience triple tax savings on your account contributions, investment growth, and qualified withdrawals. Remember:

  1. Your money rolls over year to year and can be invested for long-term growth

  2. The account is yours to keep forever, even if you switch health plans, jobs, or retire

  3. Once you meet the $1,000 investment threshold, you can choose to invest your funds using 31 mutual fund investment options.



In general, you can use your HSA to pay for expenses related to medical, dental and vision that are not covered by your insurance plan. There are thousands of eligible expenses, including:

  • Deductibles & copay
  • Prescriptions
  • Braces
  • Glasses & Contact Lenses
  • Baind-aids
  • Sunscreen



Use this checklist to take full advantage of all the great resources made available to you through your Health Savings Account.

  1. Set Up Your MyAmeriflex Account
    is where you’ll have real-time access to all of your account information, including your current balance, transaction history, payment status, and more. To register your account, visit, select “Login to your account,” and click “HSA Participants.” Then click the “Register” link to get started.
  2. Download Mobile App
    The MyAmeriflex App lets you access and manage your account anywhere you go, 24/7. It puts all of the great features of the MyAmeriflex Portal right at your fingertips. You can download the app on the Apple App Store and Google Play.
  3. Register For Complimentary ID Theft Protection
    Ameriflex is pleased to offer our cardholders complimentary access to Mastercard’s comprehensive Identity Theft Protection program*, powered by CSID®. You can rest assured knowing that if your MyAmeriflex Debit Mastercard (or any other debit/credit cards you choose to register!) gets misplaced or stolen, you can utilize Mastercard’s industry-leading ID theft protection and restoration services for everything you may need. To register, visit
  4. Use Your Card
    You received an Ameriflex debit card that can be used to make eligible purchases. To request a replacement card for you and your dependent(s), log into MyAmeriflex and click the debit card icon on the top navigation bar.
  5. Enroll For Direct Deposit
    To set up direct deposit, log into MyAmeriflex and click the Direct Deposit Options box in the top right corner of the homepage.
  6. Start Spending (Or Saving!)
    You’re ready to make purchases. If you’re more of the saving type, you can let your account funds grow! Be sure to hang on to your receipts anytime you make a purchase. Login to MyAmeriflex for a full list of eligible expenses.



Using Your MyAmeriflex Debit Mastercard®

The easiest way to pay for eligible expenses is to use your MyAmeriflex Debit Mastercard®, which provides you with access to your HSA accounts with a single card. The MyAmeriflex Card works just like a regular debit card, but with three important differences:

  • Its use is limited to specific merchants* and to expenses deemed eligible by your plan.

  • You cannot use your MyAmeriflex Card at an ATM or to obtain “cash back” when making a purchase.

  • When using the card at self-service merchant terminals, you may select the ‘credit’ option to sign for your purchase, if offered a choice. If you are prompted to enter a Personal Identification Number (PIN) and do not have it, ask the provider to process the transaction so that you may sign the receipt. (To set up a PIN, register your account online at

Use of the MyAmeriflex Card is limited to day care providers; medical care providers such as hospitals, doctors’ offices, optometrists, dentist, orthodontists, pharmacies, or other merchants providing prescription and over-the-counter eligible products. Your card cannot be used at non-qualified businesses such as gas stations, retailers, convenience stores, etc.


Filing A Manual Claim

If you do not use your MyAmeriflex Card to pay for an eligible expense, you can also pay for the expenses out-of-pocket and then get reimbursed from your HSA by filing a manual claim. To file a manual claim, simply complete the Claim Form ( and send it to Ameriflex along with verification of the claim. Acceptable forms of verification include itemized receipts and the Explanation of Benefits (EOB) from your insurance carrier.

Claims can be submitted through the following methods:


Other Helpful Information

What if there’s not enough money in my account?

If you charge more than the available balance in your account, the transaction will be denied. You can obtain your current account balance by logging in to your account from the Ameriflex website ( register to get started) or by calling the Interactive Voice Response System (available 24/7) at 888.868.FLEX (3539).

Do I need my receipts?

Please save all your receipts as proof that HSA funds were used to pay for eligible expenses! For certain expenses, Ameriflex may need additional information (including receipts) to verify eligibility of the expense and to comply with IRS rules. That’s why it’s important to save your receipts and fax or mail them promptly if requested. Failure to comply could jeopardize the tax-exempt status of your account and cause the card to be deactivated.



Receive balance alerts straight to your cell phone upon your request. For instructions on how to set it up, visit: