Benefits forPiedmont Community College

Enrollment Assistance - Employee Navigator

Helpful Tips:

– If you are a new employee, please refer here for more information or contact the PGB Service Center at 888-662-7500 between 8:30am and 5:00pm for assistance.

How To Enroll:

1. Logging In 

To enroll online, please visit: and click Login.

– Returning users: Log in with the username and password you selected. Click Reset a forgotten password or locate your username if needed.

– First time users: Click on your Registration Link in the email sent to you by your admin or Register as a new user. Create an account, and create your own username and password.

2. Welcome

– After you login click Let’s Begin to complete your required tasks.

3. Onboarding (for first time users, if applicable)

– Complete any assigned onboarding tasks before enrolling in your benefits. Once you’ve completed your tasks click Start Enrollment to begin your enrollments.

Tip: if you hit “Dismiss, complete later” you’ll be taken to your Home Page. You’ll still be able to start enrollments again by clicking “Start Enrollments”

4. Start Enrollments

– After clicking Start Enrollment, you’ll need to complete some personal & dependent information before moving to your benefit elections.

Tip: Have dependent details handy. To enroll a dependent in coverage you will need their date of birth and Social Security number.

5. Benefit Elections

– To enroll dependents in a benefit, click the checkbox next to the dependent’s name under Who am I enrolling?

– Below your dependents you can view your available plans and the cost per pay. To elect a benefit, click Select Plan underneath the plan cost.

– Click Save & Continue at the bottom of each screen to save your elections.

– If you do not want a benefit, click Don’t want this benefit? at the bottom of the screen and select a reason from the drop-down menu.

6. Forms

– If you have elected benefits that require a beneficiary designation, Primary Care Physician, or completion of an Evidence of Insurability form, you will be prompted to add in those details.

7. Review & Confirm Elections

– Review the benefits you selected on the enrollment summary page to make sure they are correct then click Sign & Agree to complete your enrollment. You can either print a summary of your elections for your records or login at any point during the year to view your summary online.

Tip: If you miss a step you’ll see Enrollment Not Complete in the progress bar with the incomplete steps highlighted. Click on any incomplete steps to complete them.

8. HR Tasks (if applicable)

– To complete any required HR tasks, click Start Tasks. If your HR department has not assigned any tasks, you’re finished!